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Rian is a leading computer-aided translation tool and translation management system for corporates, translation agencies, and freelancers and offers an outstanding user experience achieved based on inputs from translators.


3000+ users

52m+ words 


20+ files supported

50+ languages supported


Rian CAT tool

Rian is an AI-powered Translation Management System (TMS) & Computer Aided Translation (CAT) tool which makes translation & localisation easier, faster and cost-effective. It empowers all stakeholders like Corporates, Translation Agencies & Translators.


Rian comprises powerful management functionality with editor backed by Intelligence layer.

Translation Management System

Manage all your translation processes like project and file management, job assignment, and more…

Computer-aided Translation

Easy to use web based editor which enhances the translators productivity by providing all the advanced features in one place


Intelligent system comprising of machine translation, historic translation memory, terminology, file format handling, segmentation and more…


Use of CAT tools entirely eliminates post-translation reformatting work

Translation memory

Access technology

Harness the power of AI without worrying about technology

Privacy & security

The privacy and security of user’s data on the cloud is protected across three layers

User experience

Use of CAT tools makes the translation process user-friendly through intuitive, efficient, and easy-to-navigate GUI


Our innovative pricing models (pay-as-you-go for freelancers and flat rate for corporates & translation agencies) ensure lower cost without compromising on flexibility

Use of CAT tools increases consistency with a personalised translation memory tool. If you have recently translated your local webpage, your new local marketing flyers will also go with the same terms!

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Monitor work online and track day to day progress to reduce costs and improving quality and productivity

Translation agencies

Monitor translators in real time to increase overall productivity, reduce costs, improve quality and maintain consistency


Increase productivity by using a highly cost effective (pay-as-you-go with a free words credit) CAT tool to maintain a high quality output

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Use our quick machine translation tool to get your files translated within a few seconds!


Maximum file upload size of 100MB! Maximum use limited to 5,000 words

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