What applications does Rian offer?

Rian offers the following two applications:


Quick Translation

Use this application for your quick translation requirements. Your source documents will be translated instantly by using the Google translation machine. The format of your original document will be maintained in the translated document.



This is a translation editor available for professional translators. Rian CAT has all the necessary features required for creating and delivering large volume translation projects. The features include:

  • Creating, assigning, and tracking projects

  • Creating and managing translation memories

  • Creating and managing project glossaries

  • Checking translation quality (Quality Checks)

  • Creating translation memories from legacy translations (if you have the source and translated documents that can be aligned with each other)


Use Rian CAT for your high-quality translation requirements.

Can I use Machine Translation in CAT?

Yes, you can use Machine Translation in CAT. Rian presently supports the following Machine Translation tools:

  • Google

  • Microsoft

  • IBM Watson

  • Amazon

Is my translation data safe in Rian?

Yes, your data is safe. The data is saved on Amazon AWS, and Amazon AWS is GDPR compliant (including EU-US privacy shield and Swiss-US privacy shield). Please note that the data sent to Google MT does not fall under this category and it is handled the same way as when translated by using the Google online translator.


What types of licences are available?

Rian offers the following three types of licences:

  • Quick Translation (for free with 5,000 word credits)

  • Freelancer (scholarship offer with 75,000 word credits)

  • Professional (currently only available as free trial)


Can I switch my licence?

You may switch your licence from Freelancer to Professional. But you cannot switch your Professional licence to Freelancer. You will have to register with a separate mail ID for availing of a Freelancer licence.

Can I assign projects to one or more translators?

Yes, you may assign projects to multiple translators if you are using the Professional licence. You cannot assign projects to other translators if you are using a Freelancer licence.


What should I do if I exhaust my credits before the expiry period?

In that case, you can avail of the Pay-As-You-Go facility.


What is a credit?

One credit is one source word/character (for languages like Japanese and Chinese). Example: If you have 1,000 credits, you can translate/download translation of 1000 source words/characters.


What happens if I exhaust my credits in between of Quick Translation?

You will have to top-up your credits by using the Pay-As-You-Go facility to be able to download the translated file. This applies not only to Quick Translation but also to CAT.


What browsers does Rian support?

Rian supports all major browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. But we recommend that you use Chrome for the best user experience. Please note that the Voice Input feature is supported only on Chrome.


Can I download my translation memory?

Presently, Rian does not support downloading of translation memory.


Can I merge my translation memories?

Yes, you may merge your translation memories if you have created the project.

Can I upload my own glossaries?

Yes, you may upload your translation glossaries (up to three glossaries for one project) if you have created the project.


Does Rian Support cost me anything?

No, Rian support is absolutely free. You may reach out to us with your queries from within Rian by using the feedback form. Alternatively, you may contact us on


Can I use Rian offline?

No, you need to be connected to the Internet to use Rian. You can use the Rian translation memory only if you are connected to the Internet.


How many language pairs does Rian support?

Rian supports 52 global languages.


What file formats does Rian support?

Rian supports all major file formats including PDF, Adobe Illustrator, JSON, SRT, and many image formats.


Do you offer any training or certification for Rian?

Yes, we offer training and certification for Rian. Please feel free to contact us on:

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