How artificial intelligence helps making more information available in local languages

You have likely experienced the potential which globalisation brings to businesses and customers all over the world. Although it is nowadays a simple thing to get connected with other business partners, suppliers or customers from other regions and countries, it is often the case that still one very central obstacle remains: the language barrier

This language barrier urges people to substantially invest in translation efforts to harvest the fruits of international trade or cultural exchange. The related costs are significant and are a hindrance to mass localisation of content.

Furthermore, the involvement of external translators results in additional coordination needs driving both workflow duration and its respective complexity. With this in mind, the party seeking for translation work relies on a strong translation service provider.

Since the demand for localisation of content is on the rise – in India it is expected that in the near future about 75% of the online content will be consumed in local Indian languages other than English – the question is how digitalisation can provide for relief from such translation burden.

The use of artificial intelligence-powered translation tools such as computer-assisted translation tools and translation management systems can effectively help streamlining translation work both in terms of speed and accuracy.

However, overcoming language barriers is not only a matter of technology but rather translation processes should be streamlined through a combination of people, processes and technology.

Eventually, the goal must be to make intelligent translation tools affordable and available to anyone and leaving only translation refinements to a high-quality human review

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