How logistics service providers can benefit from the use of machine translation tools

Logistics is a fast-moving industry. You know that speed and agility are key success factors in logistics to respond to your customer needs independent whether you are in the aviation, maritime or truck transportation business.

Although there are these days many great tools which help you to simplify and manage these complexities, it is often the case that one hurdle remains: Language barriers.

Translating key documents for freight, shipping and handling is part of your every day’s challenge to accommodate for your client’s expectations and to ensure delivery on time. The kind of documents you need to handle and translate in the appropriate language(s) ranges from:

  • Logistics instruction materials for subcontractors and their staff;

  • Operation and maintenance manuals;

  • Legal documents and reports;

  • Freight and shipping documentation;

  • Corporate websites, marketing and advertising materials; and to

  • Training material and e-learning courses

The variance in documents which need to be translated urges you to closely work together with a reliable and trustworthy translation service provider. Because speed and agility mean business / money.

What if you could get access to a digital tool which helps you to internalise translation work without compromising translation quality?

Think of the potential of taking back the control over your daily translation work through a digital tool using machine translation technology and project management tools. This would equip you with a new kind of speed and agility for your translation work and could be a comparative advantage towards your peers.

Let us introduce you to Rian. Rian is a state-of-the-art translation management system and computer-aided translation tool. It has been built by a leading international translation agency to equip translators with a powerful tool to handle daily translation work in a more independent way.

Rian comes with the following key features:

  • User experience: Rian offers a unique friendly and intuitive user interface which allows you to use the tool in an effective manner independent whether you are professional translator or just an employee handling translation work.

  • Historic repository of high-quality translations / translation memory: Rian keeps learning every day as it incorporates a user and project memory which catches up on used terms in previous translation works. For example, if you need to draft local marketing materials after you have successfully translated your webpage, term consistency will be guaranteed.

  • Collaborative work mode: As we know, translation work in logistics might require some localisation input beyond machine translation. That’s why Rian has been designed for a collaborative work environment. You and your existing translation service provider can join forces and deliver outstanding high-quality translations.

  • Transparent and fair pricing: Rian offers a fairly prices and transparent subscription fee models to its customers. We charge a monthly fee which comes with a monthly credit of 1,000,000 words!

If you are curious to understand more about Rian, we happily invite you to join us for a 30-day free trail! Send us an email to to sign up for the free trial!

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